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Who Dropped The Bombs?

Posted by Kevin on December 6, 2006

So I watched the pilot episode of Jericho but never really found the time to watch the rest of the season. Then I remembered that CBS has all of the episodes available to watch for free on their website. Now I’m fascinated with the show. How could you not be?!

To help build on the popularity of the show, CBS has launched an online community for fans to put in their two cents worth about what they think has happened thus far, who Hawkins really is, where Jake has been, and who dropped the bombs? Some of the theories make sense. Some are just plain stupid. And some are so far fetched that they just may be right.

In a webisode called Countdown, Hawkins has supposedly been spending time gathering intelligence on how to survive a nuclear attack. It also asks the question, who spies on the spies who are spying on us? Who is Delta? Was it the woman Hawkins was meeting? Who is Tango? What is Hawkins’ call sign? Does he even have one? In the chat session with Tango, Hawkins’ name on the screen is Hawkins. Is Hawkins his call sign? He took a key from the dead woman’s hand in this webisode and opened a locker with a ruggedized computer in it to chat with Tango. Is it the same computer he uses during the show?

In the spring preview, Jake is interviewing with some charter flight company who asks about his military background. Jake did not list who he worked for and would not answer who; only that it was an independent contractor. When pressed about it, he walked off. Now, if he had worked for a contractor such as Halliburton I’m sure he would have said so. To avoid the question and walk away from what was probably a cushy job, no doubt Jake didn’t work for just any ole contractor. But who?

February can’t get here fast enough!


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