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Nashville Star & American Idol

Posted by Kevin on January 5, 2007

Confession time:

I like American Idol.  *gasp*

I enjoy watching people get up on stage and perform.  Sure, I could do without much of the cheesy theatrics that American Idol producers spin into each episode but something about it all draws me in.  American Idol season 6 kicks off January 16 & 17 with a FOUR HOUR two-night premier.  Good lordy.  Thank goodness for TiVo.

As much as I like American Idol, I like Nashville Star a lot more.  It’s still a competition for a recording contract, but without the pseudo drama injected into every episode.  Nashville Star draws far fewer contestants, a much smaller TV audience, and very little press by comparison.  But!  I feel the talent level in Nashville Star is leaps and bounds ahead of American Idol.  The Nashville Star contestants actually have to put their song writing talents on the line during the season instead of always singing someone else’s song.  Nashville Star season 5 kicks off with a 75-minute season premier on January 11.


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