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Gator Bait!

Posted by Kevin on January 9, 2007

To all the Ohio State faithful and “experts” who said Florida didn’t belong in the title game and had no shot at winning…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Eat it.

And don’t bring your whining about Ted Ginn Jr. getting hurt on Ohio State’s first offensive series. Ginn isn’t enough to overcome the 27 point deficit, which could have easily been worse. If anything, Ginn may have been able to help Ohio State get a couple more first downs. He certainly wouldn’t have been able to save Troy Smith from running for his life every other down.

First downs: Fla 21 – OSU 8

Total yards: Fla 370 – OSU 82

3rd down conversions: Fla 10/19 – OSU 1/9

Time of possession: Fla 40:48 – OSU 19:12

That’s domination, folks.   Ohio State, the darling of the voters from the very first poll of the season;  the team that beat its first 12 opponents by an average of 25 points; got their asses handed to them by a team that all you “experts” didn’t think belonged there.  Maybe it was Ohio State that didn’t belong?

Ok, the season is over.  Let’s get a playoff going!!


One Response to “Gator Bait!”

  1. Adam-Tyler said

    I know this is the past..but are you joking me!!! Ted Ginn is the main reason why they lost. Ya a 27 point deficit but with big “play maker” Ginn they could’ve put points on the board and kept the ball away from Florida’s offence so they could score. Its called slowing momentem down and picking them apart like (Which ill give you credit for cause you DID beat us) but with Ginn the game changes drastically.. but anyway what happened..happend and im looking at next year..bye

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