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Groomer Accused Of Cutting Dog’s Ear Off, Super-Gluing Back On

Posted by Kevin on February 16, 2007

The full story is here.

Cliffs notes: An unlicensed groomer cuts off a dog’s ear and tries to hide the incident by super-gluing it back on.

I feel bad for the dog’s owner, and the groomer should certainly face some form of punishment, but let’s be honest here folks.  If your dog is so precious to you then DON’T TAKE IT TO AN UNLICENSED GROOMER!  And suprise, suprise… the shop where she took her dog has closed down.  Gee, never saw that coming (sarcasm).

I imagine she didn’t know they were unlicensed, but again I beg you to use some common sense here.  Anywhere you go that offers services like this will have all sorts of signage to let you know that they are licensed for whatever service they provide.  If you take your pet to a mom&pop shop to save a few bucks then you get what you paid for; an unlicensed groomer who has a couple tools to get the job done but probably doesn’t have any formal training.

Yes, I’m a grumpy bastard.


One Response to “Groomer Accused Of Cutting Dog’s Ear Off, Super-Gluing Back On”

  1. seth said

    people are so messed up, its amazing.
    i swear to god. “hey, i think im going to open up a pet shop.. no, better yet, a human shop, and chop up my customers and eat em'”.
    but not really.. im just giving an example of brainless people and thier stupidity, since right at this moment i have nothing else better to do with my life. i did enjoy this blog though… i dont read much of them, but i found it rather intriguing.

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