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American Idol WTF Moment

Posted by Kevin on March 22, 2007

First of all, yes, I watch American Idol. I can’t help it. It’s a guilty pleasure.

What in the holy hell happened last night? Stephanie Edwards goes home over Chris (either of them), Sanjaya, Phil, or Haley?! It happens every season. America gets an elimination or three wrong, and last night was the first (or 2nd; I could make a great argument for Sabrina going home way too early as well) major surprise for this season.  Granted, Stephanie wasn’t going to win the competition, but she’s certainly good enough to finish top 5.

The VFTW crew are certainly happy this morning, as their pride and joy, Sanjaya, lives to torture us another week.   A bonus for VFTW was Chris Sligh giving the “hi, Dave” shoutout during Tuesday’s show.  Now that was funny.

I still say this is a 2-way battle between Lakisha and Melinda, but I think you have to add Blake into the mix now.  Stephanie would have been my #4, but with her departure Jordin steps into that spot for me.

Did I really just go there with an American Idol blog?  Someone help me!


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