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What To Expect From Garner-Webb

Posted by Kevin on September 21, 2007

It sounds like GW will bring a spread option type attack similar to what Auburn ran when Kodi Burns entered the game this past weekend. I sure hope the coaching staff spends more time working with the scout team running these style plays this week. The defense stepped up big when it counted most against Auburn, but Burns did move the offense rather well at times.

That being said, I expect to see Garner-Webb move the ball with some success early on but for State’s defense to step up and take over the game.

The biggest question I have is who will start at quarterback?  Croom isn’t talking, but my opinion all along has been that while Josh Riddell may be more athletic, Wesley Carroll seems to manage the offense more efficiently.  Personally, I could care less which one starts as long as the offense is productive.  As good as the running game was against Auburn, 41 passing yards on 5 completions won’t get it done in the SEC.  I want to see 200+ rushing yards this week, but I also want to see play action passes off the success of the running game forcing the defense to commit more people to stopping the run.

You can’t help State fans bringing up the Maine debacle of 2004, but I do not see anything resembling that nightmare of a game happening again.  I firmly believe State will stomp the GW Bulldogs the way an SEC caliber team should.


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