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Catching Up. State Still Sucks.

Posted by Kevin on October 22, 2007

My last post was prior to the South Carolina game; a game that I said State would win.  State came up short in that game, but they very well could have won it.  In fact, I believe they should have won, but one bad play and some poor coaching decisions threw it all away.

Since then we got a scare from UAB (the score doesn’t indicate just how close that game was), played Tennessee tough but just ran out of gas, and then showed up at West Virginia completely unprepared to play football.

But I think the team has improved.  Wesley Carroll has emerged at the starting quarterback, albeit because Michael Henig still hasn’t fully recovered from breaking a bone in his throwing hand against Auburn.  Even when Henig is 100% healthy, I believe Carroll should remain the starter.  He has shown that he can effectively manage the game clock and has shown poise far beyond his true freshman status.  Changing the quarterback again would just disrupt the offense even more.

Here’s to hoping State shows up in Lexington this weekend ready to play football.  I don’t pretend for a second that we have a chance to beat Kentucky, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to keep it respectable.


One Response to “Catching Up. State Still Sucks.”

  1. Shane said

    Looks like all of KY’s big guns except the QB are hurt.

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