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Pillowgate and The Egg Bowl

Posted by Kevin on November 20, 2007

Holiday Inn Express

A few days ago it was made public that 20 Ole Miss football players stole pillows and radios from hotels during the season. Not once. Twice. Stole. Thieved. Broke the law.

One incident was prior to the Auburn game back in October. The other thievery was apparently harder to pin down, as it happened at the hotel the Rebels frequently stay at for home games.

The players have been indefinitely suspended but will be allowed to play in the Egg Bowl this Friday. Huh? That’s the equivalent of no punishment at all….. for breaking the law. We’re not talking about players breaking team or university rules. They broke the law. They committed a crime. And they won’t be punished for it.

Athletic Director Pete Boone and head football coach Ed Orgeron have both done remarkable jobs spinning the issue to muddle the negativity and shrug it off as good kids making bad decisions. Boone even went as far as saying “They’re good kids that made an immature decision – it’s as simple as that. That’s the reason we’re not releasing any names.” None of these players will be suspended from playing because none of them have been in trouble before or received any sort of warning about their behavior.

What a joke. I can understand if a player has a bad attitude and you want to sit him down and talk to him about it instead of suspending him the first time he has an outburst. But breaking the law is something entirely different. And it’s not like we’re talking about an isolated incident. We’re talking about two different thieving sprees involving twenty of your players.  Orgeron has suspended six players from games over the last two months, but he won’t suspend any of the 20 players who BROKE THE LAW because they haven’t been warned in the past.  What a freaking joke.

A few years ago State received a great deal of pressure to suspend Kevin Fant prior to the Oregon game because a friend of his used his credit card to hold a set of tires to be put on Fant’s truck while his mother was on her way to the store to pay for them.   The kid did nothing wrong, yet he had to be suspended a game for fear of the NCAA getting involved.  Now, here we are with 20 Ole Miss football players breaking the law and absolutely nothing is being done.  The “indefinite suspension” is a no-punishment statement from the Ole Miss administration.  Nice call.


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