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T.. I.. G.. E.. R.. S.. TIGERS!

Posted by Kevin on January 8, 2008

As Ohio State rolled through it’s 2007 regular season schedule, clearly the media darling for returning to the BCS title game, they were constantly reminded of the thrashing 41-14 thrashing Florida put on them in last year’s title game. SEC speed, and lack of Big 10+1 speed was the theme and it was repeated over, and over, and over, and over.

When LSU and Ohio State were selected as the participants in this year’s BCS title game, the SEC speed theme continued despite Ohio State’s claims that speed would not be a factor this year. They were partially right. Chris Wells is fast. Really fast. That much was evident on his 65-yard run in the 1st quarter. If he can stay healthy and not leave school early, he’ll rewrite OSU rushing records before he’s done. That’s a monster statement considering Wells is chasing some guy named Archie Griffin in the OSU rushing recordbook.

But the OSU defense is not fast. Certainly not fast enough to keep up with SEC speed for four quarters. And last night they couldn’t tackle very well. Sorry, Buckeyes, but you’re still too slow to keep up.

Ohio State did jump out to an early 10-0 lead as LSU looked a bit sluggish and out of sync. However, once they settled into the game and got back in sync, it was over for OSU. LSU ran off 31 unanswered points before Ohio State could get back on the board, but by then it was too little too late. The scoreboard says the 38-24 final score wasn’t as bad as the 41-14 loss to Florida, but that asskicking was every bit as bad. LSU made the Buckeyes’ #1 ranked defense look bad; really bad. Ohio State didn’t help themselves with 5 costly personal fouls either.

Ohio State is now 0-for-9 against the SEC in bowl games, something I’m sure you’ll hear a lot of if the Buckeyes square off with another SEC school in the 2008-09 bowl season. For their part, Ohio State will be expected to return to the BCS title game next year for the third consecutive season. Their roster is absolutely loaded from top to bottom with talent.

LSU is the first team to win two BCS titles, having won its first BCS championship in 2003-04 under Nick Saban. Maybe now Les Miles haters will crawl back in their holes and shut the fuck up. No longer can you claim he’s winning with Saban’s recruits. That really wasn’t a fair statement after Miles’ first season. What’s left of Saban’s recruits now were freshmen when he was at LSU. They are not the same players now as they were then. These are Miles’ players; this is Miles’ team.

My early 2008-09 BCS title game prediction: winner of the Ohio State – Southern Cal game vs. winner of the SEC title game (LSU vs. Georgia). I’m leaning towards a Southern Cal vs. Georgia matchup based on me thinking they should have met in the Rose Bowl this year. It would be a good follow-up next season.


One Response to “T.. I.. G.. E.. R.. S.. TIGERS!”

  1. wordnerd said

    Well said. I thought the Tigers looked spectacular, and while I was happy to see the “regulars” shine, it was great to see others in the highlights as well. Geaux Tigers!!!

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