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Posted by Kevin on February 27, 2008

My name is Kevin, and I watch American Idol.  Laugh all you want.  It’s my guilty pleasure.  I like watching live music and I like watching completely delusional people who do not have an ounce of talent have their dreams crushed with no mercy.  I’m also a bit cynical about it all.  Idol is far more than just a singing contest; it’s Fox’s cash cow.  During the audition period, show producers are not only looking for people they think could win the whole thing, they’re also looking for absolute freaks to put on camera to fulfill our sick fascination with the show.

But enough of all that…  Let’s talk about season 7 now that the cast has been whittled down to 24 – ok 20… I’m a week late blogging.

This season the show is allowing the contestants to use musical instruments if they choose.  I really like this move simply because it gives us something we haven’t seen on the show before.  I don’t buy into the judges’ nonsense that Idol is a singing competition.  If it was, then Taylor Hicks would not have won last season.  Singing is a major part, but it’s not all of the puzzle.  You have to be able to perform as well.

I do buy at least partly into the conspiracy theory that the show’s producers protect certain contestants during the voting.  Why?  Easy.  The winner of the show gets a record deal.  Nobody is going to let some no talent hack win the show if they know all of the music production equipment in the world won’t help them sell records.  I’m not suggesting that the folks behind the scenes already know who they want to win, but if by some fluke someone like David Archuleta actually receives the lowest votes this week (it won’t happen – I’m just using him as an example) there is no way in hell the show would let him go.  This kid is what the show is all about.  Someone else would have to take the fall and viewers at home would never know it.   I’ll stop before I get on a soapbox…

Speaking of David Archuleta, this kid is my pick to win the whole show.  He’s young.  He’s already immensely popular; even the other contestants love him.  He’s got the boyish good looks that would make him easy to promote.  He’s got an outstanding attitude.  And oh yeah… the kid can flat out [url=]sing[/url].   In my mind, David’s performance last night has everyone else fighting for second place.  I’m sure he’ll have his struggles.  Everyone does.  But don’t be surprised if he’s the one being showered in glitter in May.

As for the other guys, I just don’t see much there.  I do like David Cook, Chikezie, and Jason Castro.  Cook doesn’t have enough attitude to carry the rocker image.  He can sing and play like a rocker, but unless we just haven’t seen all there is to him, he’s too boring of a rocker to last long.  I love Chikezie’s R&B vibe and attitude, but I have a feeling he’ll never be able to step outside of his comfort zone and pull it off.  Castro is just fun to watch but I don’t see him having a great deal of range.

I’ll blog about the girls after their top 20 performances tonight.


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