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AI7: Beatles Week Redux

Posted by Kevin on March 19, 2008

So they did Beatles week….. again.  Not that I’m not a Beatles fan, but why do it twice and keep the song choices so limited?  Anywho…

I liked (in no particular order):  Brooke, David Cook, Jason, and Syesha.

Middle of the road: Amanda, Carly, David Archuleta, and Michael.

Didn’t like: Chikezie, Kristy, Ramiele.

The judges didn’t much care for Brooke’s performance, but I enjoyed it.  I think she’s been the most consistent since they started with the top-24.  Mr. Popular, David Archuleta, is still very safe but he’s wearing on me quickly.  Maybe it’s the whole golly-gee vibe he gives off, I dunno.  Gotta give mad props to Jason Castro for taking on a song with French lyrics when he couldn’t speak a lick of the language before last week.

Kristy Lee Cook and Ramiele need to just go home now.  Kristy is so far out of her league she should be uncomfortable just being around the other contestants.  Ramiele can sing, but this isn’t the competition for her.

My bottom three: Kristy, Ramiele, and Chikezie.  I still like Chikezie, but that was a trainwreck last night.  Put the harmonica down and don’t ever, ever, ever put a country vibe in your songs again man!  Kristy or Ramiele go home and Chikezie gets a wake-up call.


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