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Four Months Later…

Posted by Kevin on September 24, 2007

I don’t recall ever being this excited about a TV show.


4 Responses to “Four Months Later…”

  1. Shane said

    I’ve never seen this show. I might try it out this season. But I feel lost for having not seen the 1st season.

    Must be what late-comers to my favorite show, LOST, feel like.

  2. Kevin said

    Go to and watch all of season 1 first then. I didn’t start watching until midway through the first season but went back and started at the beginning.

  3. Shane said

    Well crap, they have 2 episodes there – the last episode from season 1 and the 1st episode from season 2.

    I read wikipedia’s stuff on Heroes so I kinda understood a few things when I watched last night. I enjoyed it, but I there was more stuff going on than I could understand.

  4. Kevin said

    Hrm, they must have pulled season 1 since it’s out on DVD, or will be soon. Still… continue watching it. It may take a few episodes but you’ll catch on to the storylines soon enough.

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